Monday, October 12, 2009

Thank You Lord!

Thank you Lord for giving Janes such a fruitful beginning to the 2009-2010 ministry year! And thank you for all of the wonderful leaders who made See Jane Go Fall Kick-Off Party and Janes EXPO 2009 so successful! I have the privilege to serve alongside some amazing, godly, hard-working women who love you and love to serve you. If you didn't make it to EXPO, or didn't have time to stop by the tables but still want to sign up, be sure to visit our blog and find more about Janes ministry teams:

See Jane Serve Team - Serving in the church - office, hospitality, computer work, welcoming new women into the church, etc
See Jane Connect Team - Women Only Hometeams
See Jane Grow - Bible Studies
See Jane Reach - Community Outreach
See Jane Glo - Event planning (including Glo Conference Preparations)

If you feel nervous about joining one of our ministry teams, remember that you don't have to "have it all together" in order to be a part of Janes. Even your leaders do not have it ALL together. We are all on a journey with Jesus, gradually getting to know Him better and becoming more Christ-like, step-by-step. Most of all, our desire for you is that you take YOUR next step of obedience, whatever that is.

Let your heart listen to what Jesus says in the book of Mark 5.36: "Don't be afraid; just believe." Believe in the good plans He has for you! And if he's calling you to join your first Bible study or hometeam, or if he's calling you to serve others in some new way, follow Him and He'll show you the next step to take. I love you and can't wait to see God's plans for us unfold over the next few months.

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